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I guess, the header says it all. 

This page is primarily to keep my musical journey condensed. If you want to learn more about [OKAM], then take a look at the "about" section or listen to a couple of songs. 


If you like what you hear and see, please feel free to say "hi" or drop me a comment on my facebook page. All links are down below. It'd be awesome.


By the way, all my music is free of charge. You can download everything on my bandcamp thingy. You may support me with a few bucks if like, too. Tunes are released under creative commons. 


Oh, and please bear in mind, that this place is still *under construction*



released February, 2017

released October 3, 2016

released March 8, 2016

released January 10, 2016

released August 10, 2015