[OKAM] is a German based project / artist, that is rooted in the music scene ever since. While consistently crafting and releasing music with the metal band Ra’s Dawn for over 15 years now, [OKAM] arose from the passion of exploring new sonic territories and the strong will of projecting inner scopes to a canvas of evolving sounds. After getting into electronic music production in 2013, he consistently kept making tracks and releasing albums.


[OKAM] swims in a sea of downtempo chill electronica, idm, mangled ambient glitch experiments, field recordings and various impressions from the broad world of music and sound in general. 


No boundaries, just sonic experiments, grooves, melodies and noises from a randomly stressed-out mind. 


In early 2017 "Ghosts" has been the first album to be officially released by the Sociopath Recordings Label from Taiwan. 


The follow-up effort to “Ghosts” was finished towards the end of 2017. The sounds and tracks on “Shattered” turned out quite different from since when the project started and now span from vast rhythmless ambient scapes to uptempo breakcore and drum and bass structures.


“Shattered” has been released and spread by Enough Records from Portugal.